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(* indicates Graduate Faculty)

*Carla Billitteri, Ph.D. (SUNY at Buffalo, 2001). Associate Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Literary theory; feminist theory and gender studies; poetry and poetics; European and American Literature (19th- & 20th-century); drama.

*Tony Brinkley, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1979). Professor. Romanticism, critical theory, Spenser, Milton.

*Richard Brucher, Ph.D. (Rutgers, 1978). Associate Professor and Department Chair. Shakespeare; British and American drama; literary analysis and argument.

*A. Patricia Burnes, Ph.D. (St. Louis University, 1977). Associate Professor and Director of Composition. Composition theory and practice, American literature.

Murray Callaway, M.A. (University of Maine, 1982). Lecturer. American literature, popular culture, and technical communication.  Engineering Communication Project.

*Laura Cowan, Ph.D. (Princeton, 1988). Associate Professor. Auden, Eliot, Yeats, modern British poetry, nature and literature.

Joanna Crouse, M.A. (University of Maine).  Lecturer I.  Writers in Maine, College composition, creative writing.

*Charlsye Diaz, Ph.D. (Texas Tech University, 2004). Associate Professor and Coordinator of Professional Writing. Professional and technical writing.

*Dylan B. Dryer, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2007). Associate Professor. Composition studies.

*Steven R. Evans, Ph.D. (Brown University, 2000). Associate Professor, Director of National Poetry Foundation, and New Writing Series Coordinator. Contemporary and modern American poetry, poetry & poetics, critical theory.

*Benjamin Friedlander, Ph.D. (SUNY-Buffalo, 1999). Professor. Poetry and poetics, 19th- and 20th-Century American literature.

Judy Hakola, M.A. (University of Maine, 1965). Lecturer. Cooperating Lecturer, College of Engineering. Technical writing, literature, sports literature, Maine writers, Engineering Communication Project.

*Sarah Harlan-Haughey, Ph.D. (Cornell University, 2011). Assistant Professor, CLAS-Honors Preceptor. Medieval literature, folklore, oral traditional studies, and literature and the environment.

*Greg Howard, Ph.D. (University of Denver). Assistant Professor.  Fiction writing, American fiction, postmodern literature.

Margery Irvine, M.A. (University of Kansas, 1968). Lecturer. Maine literature, nonfiction prose, composition.

*Naomi Jacobs, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, 1982). Professor. British and American fiction, women’s literature, utopian literature.

*Harvey Kail, Ph.D. (Northern Illinois, 1977). Professor and Director of the Writing Center. Composition theory and practice.

*David Kress, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 2002). Associate Professor. Creative writing, fiction, critical theory.

*Margaret A. Lukens, Ph.D. (University of Colorado, 1991). Professor. Chair of New Media. Co-Director of Academic Programs, Innovation Engineering. Nineteenth-century American literature, Native American literature, multicultural studies.

Paige Mitchell, MA (University of Maine, 2011). Lecturer, College composition. Coordinator of the Writing Center. Composition, including STRETCH and translingual composition, and peer tutor training.

*Jennifer Moxley, M.F.A. (Brown, 1994). Professor. Creative writing, poetry & poetics, translation.

*Elizabeth Neiman, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011). Assistant Professor of English and Women’s Gender and Sexual Studies. Romanticism, 19th century British fiction, gender studies.

*Kenneth W. Norris, Ph.D. (McGill, 1980). Professor. Canadian literature, creative writing.

*Deborah Rogers, Ph.D. (Columbia, 1982). Professor. Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature. On leave Spring 2014.



Adjunct Faculty

Announcements:  Congratulations to English adjunct instructor Travis Baker on his award for Best Play for the State of Maine in the prestigious Clauder New England Playwright Competition!  See the full story on Bangor Daily News.

Ryan Bachtel, M.A. (University of Maine, 2012). Lecturer I. College composition.

Travis Baker, M.A. (University of Maine, 2006). Lecturer I. College composition and creative writing.

Mary Bartosenski-Bowden, M.A. (University of Maine, 1988). Lecturer III. Business and technical writing.

Timothy Berrigan

James Bishop, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer III (Part-time). Creative and narrative/ descriptive writing.

Jason Canniff, M.A. (University of Maine, 2013).  Lecturer I. College composition.

Michele Christle, M.A. Lecturer I. College composition.

Kathleen Ellis, M.A. (University of Maine, 1988). Lecturer III. Creative writing, poetry and ecopoetics, American women’s literature, Latin American literature, persuasive and analytical writing.

Henry Garfield, M.F.A. (University of Southern Maine, 2004). Lecturer II. Creative writing, analytical and persuasive writing.

Leonore Hildebrandt, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer II. College composition, creative writing, American women writers.

Mary Larlee, M.A. (University of Maine, 2005). Lecturer II and Assistant to the Director of Composition. College composition, descriptive and narrative writing, persuasive and analytical writing.

Audrey Le, M.A. (University of Maine, 2001). Lecturer II. Persuasive and analytical writing, British literature.

Deborah Levine, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer I. Business and technical writing.

Angela Marcolini, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer I. Business and technical writing.

Alan Marks, M.A. (University of Maine, 1999). Lecturer III. Creative writing, persuasive and analytical writing, business and technical writing, literature.

Dorathy Martel, M.A. Lecturer I. College composition, business and technical writing.

Kayla Ouellette, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer I. College composition.

Elizabeth Payne, M.A. Lecturer II. College composition and professional writing.  Engineering Communication Project

Bruce Pratt, M.A. (University of Maine, 2001; MFA University of Southern Maine, 2004). Lecturer III. College composition and creative writing.

Leon Raikes, M.A. (American University of Beirut); Ph.D. (Michigan State University). Lecturer III. Business and technical writing, college composition.

Sarah Ruddy, M.A. (University of Maine, 2004).  Ph.D (Wayne State University, 2012). College composition.

Rebecca Ruggiero, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer I and Assistant to the Professional Writing Program. Business and technical writing.

Catherine Schmitt, M.F.A. (University of Southern Maine, 2012). Lecturer I. Business and technical writing.

Sara Speidel, M.A. (University of Maine). Lecturer II. Reading as gardening, women’s studies, college composition, literary analysis.

Zhaozhe Wang, BA (Qingdao University, 2012). College composition.

Stephen Wicks, M.A. (NYU). Lecturer I. Persuasive and analytical writing, business and technical writing, college composition.

William Yellow Robe, Jr.  Native American literature, creative writing, playwriting.


Teaching Assistants

Charlotte Asmuth, BA (Hollins University, 2011). College Composition.

Christine Becker, BA (Wells College, 2011). College composition.

Megan Bishop, BA (Husson University, 2011). College Composition.

Alexander Champoux, BA (Trinity College, 2011). College Composition.

Aliza Davner, BA (Lycoming College, 2012) English.

Rosemary Engelfried, BA (Pacific University, 2012). College composition.

Laura Eby, BA (Eastern University, 2014). College Composition.

Mushira Habib, MA (BRAC University Dhaka, 2011). English Literature.

William Haskell, BA (University of Maine, 2014). English.

Elizabeth Hornsey, BA (St. Louis University, 2014). English.

Heather Howard, BA (Metropolitan State University of Denver, 2012). English, Creative Writing.

Eric Kehoe, BA (Grand Valley State, 2010). College composition.

Joseph Linscott, BA (University of Maine, 2014). English.

Kalee McClure, BA (Bowling Green State University, 2014). Liberal Studies.

Diana Meakem, BA (Taylor University, 2014). English, summa cum laude.

Paige Melin, BA (SUNY Buffalo, 2013). English Literature and French Language and Literature.

Stephen Tyler Nute, BA (University of Massachusetts, 2013). Liberal Arts.

Nataliya Shpylova-Saeed, BA (Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Univ. Chersky UKR, 2001). English and German, World Literature.

Valerie Pyles, BA (University of Maine, 2012). College composition.

Saveena Veeramoothoo, BS (George Washington University, 2014). Physics.

Ryan Ware, BA (University of Maine, 2010). College composition.


*Paul Bauschatz, Ph.D. (Columbia, 1972). Associate Professor Emeritus. Literature and linguistics, critical theory, medieval literature.

Josephine Donovan, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1971). Professor Emerita.

*Jeff Evans, Ph.D. (University of California, Davis, 1974). Associate Professor Emeritus. American literature, popular culture, film.

Elaine Ford, MLS (Simmons College, 1979). Professor Emerita.

Linne Mooney, Ph.D. (University of Toronto, 1981). Professor Emerita.

*Virginia Nees-Hatlen, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1980).  Professor Emerita.

*John R. Wilson, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1969). Associate Professor. Victorian literature, advanced composition.

In Memoriam

Welch Everman, Ph.D. (New York State University, Buffalo, 1988). Professor.

Burton N. Hatlen, Ph.D. (University of California, Davis, 1971). Professor and Director of the National Poetry Foundation. Renaissance literature, modern American poetry.

Constance Hunting, B.A. (Brown, 1947). Professor. Creative writing, the Bloomsbury Group, modern British and American poetry.

Jane Morse, M.A. (University of Maine, 1947). Professional ESL Tutor. Writing Center.

Sylvester Pollet, M.A. (University of Maine, 1985). Lecturer and Associate Editor, National Poetry Foundation Press. Creative writing.

Patricia Sithole, Lecturer. College composition, multicultural literature, women’s studies.